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Hare + Squirrel Rainbow Blend
Squirrel Dubbing is soft and spikey with a short fibre with the Hares Ear having lots of guard hair with lots of contrasting colours. Now throw in a rainbow mix and the colour just pops! All blended together to give great depth and contrast! Not only that but we have added a secret material to give a hint of UV Glow. Check out the photo under UV light....Read More
Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon
The new Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon has the lowest refractory index of any other fluoro on the market, making it the least visible in water to fish. It's also the densest allowing it to cut through the surface tension quicker than ever before. Masterclass has a superb Diameter to Strength ratio so you can rest assured that it's incredibly strong, ultra supple and has great knot strength....Read More
Claret and Pearl Chartreuse Buzzer
By far one of our most popular flies here are kindale fly fishing and ones we love to produce! Buzzer flies imitate the emerging form of a midge fly. Warmer months favour consistent fishing of buzzers. Buzzer trout flies are called this because of the noise the make in swarms. Starting life out in the mud of still waters and as a blood worm, they are usually red in colour until hatching when the c...Read More
Double Knotted Pheasant Tail
Double knotted Pheasant Tail LegsOur Double knotted legs are made from the fibres of a pheasant tail and are supplied still attached to the feather stem. The stem is approximately 19cm long.Double knotted is 1 fibre with 2 knots. Perfect for Hopper style flies and daddy long legs. ...Read More
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