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Crafted in the heart of East Anglia, UK, Vicuna Dubbing is a testament to artisan excellence in fly-tying dubbing. Specializing in small-batch production, their high-quality dubbing is handmade using locally sourced alpaca wool.

What sets Vicuna Dubbing apart is not just the superior quality of their products, but also their ease of use. Their dubbing can be applied with precision even on unwaxed threads, enabling the creation of ultra-neat bodies. Additionally, the length and nature of the individual fibers allow for customizable textures, with the option to achieve a 'buggier' appearance by simply brushing or picking them out.

With a diverse range of natural products suitable for all fly patterns, Vicuna Dubbing offers over sixty standard colours and additional blended options, providing ample choices for fly tyers.




Breaking Strength



Crystal Flash

Deer Hair Colour

Dubbing Needle Type

Fly Specks

Glo Brite Multi Yarn

Glo Brite Selection Size

Glo-Brite floss 25 yd


Groovy Blob

Half Saddle Colour

Holo Straggle Colour

Hook Type

Ice Dubbing Blends

Irish Blend Colour

Jungle Cock

Lead Free Wire Size

M/Class Fluoro


MasterClass Copolymer

Micro Pack Colour

Mixed Size Assortment

Peacock Dub Colour

Pearl Flat Braid

PHD Blend


Scud Back

Shimmer Flash


Slotted Tungsten Bead Size


Stonfo 634 Dubbing Clip Size


Stripped Quill Colour

Super Stretch Floss Cololur

Superfine Dubbing

Uni 2 Tone

Uni GloFloss

UTC 70 Colour

UTC Ultra 140 Colour

UV Black

UV Ginger

UV March Brown

UV Pale Olive


Veniards Feather Brooch Pin

Vicuna Dubbing Blends

Vicuna Irish Inspired Box

Vicuna Standard Dubbing

W/Class FC 50m


Whip Finish Tool

X-Select Type


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