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Black and Silver Humongous Booby - #10

The Humungous is a widely used fishing lure in the UK for Trout due to its ability to mimic different types of prey that appeal to various species of Trout. It can emulate small prey, baitfish, Dragonfly nymphs, leeches, and other quarry. The hackle and marabou materials utilized in its creation contribute to its realistic appearance and create an illusion of bulk and lifelike motion.

A booby is made up of 2 large round eyes made from foam. Perfect for deep water fishing but even a great catch on still waters. Fish them on a fast-sinking line and a short leader using a pause and retrieve method. This way the fly can be seen just above the bottom where fish are usually lying during the earlier season. On the retrieve action the booby sinks and on the pause it floats back up, this is due to the large buoyant foam. This action draws in the rainbow trout and makes them highly visible. 


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