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Black Buzzer Gold Cheeks - #10

By far one of our most popular flies here are kindale fly fishing and ones we love to produce! Buzzer flies imitate the emerging form of a midge fly. Warmer months favour consistent fishing of buzzers. Buzzer trout flies are called this because of the noise the make in swarms. Starting life out in the mud of still waters and as a blood worm, they are usually red in colour until hatching when the colour fades. Once close to hatching they rise to the surface of the water where they wait until fully hatched. Often, they fall back under the water and at this point the trout seize their chance to feed. Buzzers move very slowly when emerging, moving slowly up and down in the water column until conditions are right to hatch. Once hatched they come out as an adult buzzer or midge fly. When fishing buzzers let them drift naturally or suspend them under a buoyant fly.


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