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Flexi Floss - Fiery Brown

Flexi Floss is a highly durable rubber-based floss that is versatile for various fly tying applications. Its exceptional strength and stretchiness make it ideal for creating ribbing, cheeks, bodies on buzzers, and legs on patterns. With 25 colour options, including both natural and vibrant tones, you can easily match your fly imitations with the desired insect or baitfish. The flexibility of Flexi Floss also allows for tapered bodies, enhancing the realistic appearance of your flies. 

After extensive sampling, we are proud to offer you our premium flexi floss. We hank, dye, and package the Flexi Floss in our workshop to ensure a consistently high-quality product. With optimal mobility, stretchiness, and dyeability, our flexi floss meets your standards and provides the best results

· Consistently dyed

· Doesn’t lose colour when stretched

· 80 strands per hank

· 0.8mm 

· Approximately 20cm in length


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