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Black Hog Daddy Long Legs - #10

The Black Daddy Hog is a versatile fly pattern that works well for static fishing as well as pulling through waves. It is a combination of a Sedgehog and a foam Daddy Long Legs, and is particularly effective from June to late September. The pattern is best used with a floating line, as it can be quickly pitched out to rising fish or trout. The Daddy Hog is a great addition to any angler's fly box.


Size #10
Jungle Cock 08
Weight 3g
Slotted Tungsten Bead Size 4mm (0.48g)
Uni GloFloss 50yds 180Den Thread
MasterClass Copolymer 5x (3.9LBS)
M/Class Fluoro 5x 50m (5.03lbs)
Strength 6lb 2X 15FT
Breaking Strength 7x 2lb
W/Class FC 50m 8LB 50M
Veniards Feather Brooch Pin Hen Pheasant
Lead Free Wire Size Lead Free Heavy Weighted Wire 0.9mm
Magnet-Ique MagMini Single - Orange
Glo-Brite floss 25 yd No.16 White
Glo Brite Multi Yarn No.9 Chrome Yellow 8yds
Deer Hair Colour Olive
Fly Specks Olive/Black
Vicuna Standard Dubbing Peach 1g
Peacock Dub Colour Rainbow Black
Ice Dubbing Blends Raspberry Ripple
Scud Back Red
Uni 2 Tone Red/Green
Smhaen Regular
Vicuna Dubbing Blends Shrimp Pink 1g
Whip Finish Tool Standard
Dubbing Needle Type Standard Dubbing Needle
Superfine Dubbing Superfine Dispenser #2
Shimmer Flash UV Silver Blend
Groovy Blob Viva
Super Stretch Floss Cololur White
Pearl Flat Braid White
Holo Straggle Colour White Holographic Silver
Hook Type Wide Gape Jig
Stonfo 634 Dubbing Clip Size X Small 18mm
Crystal Flash Yellow
UTC Ultra 140 Colour Yellow
UTC 70 Colour Yellow
Colour Yellow/Red Black Barred


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